It’s bad enough when you have administrators who play it secure and make the equal sort of films over and over again. it’s worse while a director makes a film with absolute indifference. And Kundan Shah is meant to be a part of the cream of our lot.

Kya Kehna is his first movie in almost six years and the time lag shows. In every frame, each scene, his disinterest is obvious. in the end, this is the film took four years to make. He did direct a film called Loveria in between, but it’s far nonetheless mendacity inside the cans.

Kya Kehna is a younger girl’s point of view approximately what is proper and what is inaccurate. Priya (Preity Zinta) comes from a very loving own family, inclusive of her dad and mom and three brothers. They indulge her due to the fact she is the most effective lady.

Ajay (Chandrachur Singh), her adolescence friend, is in love together with her. however, like in maximum Hindi film, Priya loves a playboy named Rahul (Saif Ali Khan). although her circle of relatives disapproves of her love, she is going in advance nevertheless and turns into pregnant by way of him.

He refuses to marry her. no longer because of parental objection or such motives, but due to the fact he can’t marry just each person who doesn’t in shape into his ‘elegance.’

that is the first 1/2 of the movie. The story surely begins in second half, with Priya struggling to continue to exist in opposition to all odds. The most effective component going for the film is the alternatively uncommon climax.

Kya Kehna is coloured by Shah’s in advance films, Jaane Bhi Do Yaaron and Kabhi Haan Kabhi Naa. One notices it’s far hard for a director to overlook his previous films, particularly if they’re a hit. The result is they make sequels. The same issue takes place here. though Kya Kehna can’t exactly qualify as one, there are many scenes which remind you of Shah’s earlier movies.

The scene wherein Priya returns is paying homage to Shah Rukh watching for his liked at the station in KHKN. As is the state of affairs in which Priya isn’t always privy to her formative years friend’s love for her.

also, the film is an amalgamation of many successful films. It has all the elements — university romance, a loving own family, tragedy, a glad ending. unluckily, someplace, the go with the flow is lost. the primary half of is too satisfied, the second half of is too unhappy. Shah likely simply gave up after a point. in the end, 4 years is a long time.

Kya Kehna became purported to be Preity Zinta’s first movie. As a end result, she alternates between looking very young to looking mature. still, she has a positive freshness which could be very attractive. The most effective region she wishes to paintings on is her voice.

Saif Ali Khan has a terrible coloration to his person here and he handles it pretty nicely. What with touch lenses and all, he manages to look quite the irresponsible Don Juan.

The simplest different man or woman worth bringing up is Anupam Kher as Preity’s father. but then, he has completed these sort of roles so commonly now, one greater doesn’t make plenty of a distinction.

The songs are quite needless. They simply come and pass every time there is a glad moment. The handiest one really worth paying attention to is the title song, Ae dil, laya hai bahar.
It’s a pity to look someone of Kundan Shah’s fame developing any such damper. The least one expects from him is an exciting film. KHKN became no longer in the league of JBDY, but it displayed an excellent sense of humour. One is aware of Shah can make films that maintain you glued in your seat. this is why this movie isn’t always really worth the hassle in any respect.

Shah is probably right when he says that, despite the fact that he makes a film on a low finances (his type of films normally are), he can’t help it if the producers provide him extra cash to put in music and dance sequences to make it appearance a little flashier. but then, it would assist if he didn’t lose interest in his film.

other than the climax, the movie isn’t any massive deal. but, to look that, you would need to sit down thru the complete movie. So if you can find some thing higher to do, provide the film a omit. You won’t be dropping a great deal.
that is a adorable Indian business movie. fantastic songs, first-rate story, exceptional script and excellent actors. The film addresses a alternatively arguable topic through portraying a very young lady who receives pregnant, and whilst her boyfriend does no longer wish to take duty for his movements, she firmly decides to provide start to her baby and fight all of the social prejudice, consisting of the initial opposition of her personal dad and mom. The movie is interesting and attractive, but the execution could be very negative. The costumes are weird and the movie is extraordinarily previous. Premarital pregnancy isn’t always the sort of big deal in our times even in India, making the portrayal a chunk exaggerated. The movie’s depiction makes it look like an antique photograph from the Eighties. even if Priya dances on the club together with her buddy, the tune that is being played is Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean”, which isn’t horrific however isn’t always concurrent with the film’s time. perhaps they need to have defined the period of time as such, it’d have made lots more experience. additionally, Saif Ali Khan’s person is inexplicable, Preity Zinta’s elder brother’s character is too aggressive and Zinta herself does not look the age she is meant to be. At a few factors the film is a piece overly melodramatic, which makes no sense in a film that wants to be difficulty-based totally and portray realism.

What I did like immensely is the portrayal of a loving, united family. It was very touching and become portrayed nicely. The scene in which Priya’s brothers turn on the video and cry quietly could be very transferring, but clichéd it could be. this is sincerely Preity Zinta’s very first film and the one which established her as a main big name. She is the soul of the movie and injects an awful lot power and freshness into her person. She became no longer truly awesome as she could be in many of her future films and her voice and diction were quite complex at that factor of time. but she succeeds in breathing as a lot life as possible into Priya with her boyish appeal, bubbly persona and honest portrayal. Saif Ali Khan and Chandrachhur Singh don’t galvanize much, but Farida Jalal and Anupam Kher as her parents are very likable. Rajesh Roshan’s soundtrack is one of the fundamental reasons this movie has this kind of colorful and superb sense approximately it. One very good instance is the own family tune “Kya Kehna”. other songs that I in particular enjoyed paying attention to include “Dekhiye Aaji Jaanemann” and “In Kadmon Ke Neeche”. properly, do watch Kya Kehna. don’t count on to see a brilliant or a specially practical movie, however do anticipate to be touched via a completely fascinating Hindi entertainment.